Zhu Yufu:
The Central Government is Correct
(in response to the magnificent oration of someone named Zhu)

Translated by A. E. Clark

“Rebellion,” you say—and that’s correct.
“A disturbance,” you call it—and that, too, is correct.
In times of repression, repression is correct.
When rehabilitation comes, then that is correct.

All the political campaigns were carried out correctly.
A number of historical questions were appraised correctly.
It was correct to amputate the remnants of Capitalism.
It was correct to invoke the theory of Socialism's early phase.

“There is no Savior” — The Internationale was correct;
“He is the star of our salvation” — The East is Red was correct;
The ‘campaign without historical precedent’ was correct;
To speak of a Great Catastrophe was correct.

All the newspaper editorials are correct;
Every position paper from the Central Government is correct;
In the Anti-Rightist campaign, it was correct to be Anti-;
When they were rehabilitated, the rehabilitation was correct.

The Eighth Congress, opposing Rightists within the Party, was correct;
The Ninth, eliminating hidden traitors, was correct;
The Tenth, for all its confusion, was correct;
The Eleventh, bringing order out of chaos, was correct.

The “Thought” of one brain was supremely correct;
The “Theory” integrating the profit motive was very correct;
The Communist ideal is the acme of correctness;
The capitalist model is also correct.

Public opinion, duly guided, is correct;
Power unaccountable to public opinion is correct;
The will of the people (coercively kept in line) is correct;
The “election” of appointed candidates is correct.

Under the Dragon Banner, they said the queue was correct;
Under the Five-Color Flag, they said its Republic was correct.
Today neither one is looking very correct;
Our Central Government alone shall be forever correct.

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